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Safety First!

Light in the UVC 275 nm wavelength is a highly effective method of active and rapid disinfection for unoccupied spaces. Like our sun, prolonged exposure may burn the surface of skin and may damage retinas, so appropriate precautions are a must!


The simplest and fastest way how to disinfect your restaurant, office, treatment rooms and other room for example in your bussines without the many drawbacks of chemical methods currently in use! #veolite #V2D2

Uverejnil používateľ Aveo Engineering Pondelok 4. januára 2021
Note: This wand is not to be operated without UVC safety goggles, and with no other personnel in the vicinity due to hazard of skin or retina damage, like a severe sunburn. Do not look directly into the optical side at any time when power is on.
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Dimensions (mm): 542 x 75 x 71
Dimensions (inches): 21.34” x 2.95” x 2.79”
Operating Voltage Range: 14 VDC
Input Power: 80 W
Input Current: 5.6A (@14VDC)
UVC: UVC - 275nm
1" - 1.63 mW/cm2
2" - 0.87 mW/cm2
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
-40°F to 185°F
Weight: 1053 g /  37.14 oz
Operation time using 12V/9Ah battery: Waist pack: 80 min;
Backpack: 160 min;
Drawing - V2D2 OnePass Compact VC
Drawing - V2D2 OnePass Compact VC

ČSN EN 55015 ed. 4:14
ČSN EN 61547 ed. 2:10

Test Report No: EZU 022371-01/01

For more information, please, download installation manual